Polsinelli Webinar Series: Life Cycle of an Employee Polsinelli Webinar Series

Companies may differ in size, industry or business model. One thing that unites all employers, however, is the goal to recruit, train and retain a quality workforce while remaining compliant with all aspects of the law. The "life cycle" of an employee over the course of their tenure with a company includes other milestones beyond simply recruiting and training. What are these identifiable stages in the employee life cycle, and how can employers navigate through common obstacles to avoid the pitfalls of employment litigation?

Join us as Polsinelli's Labor and Employment practice begins the "Life Cycle of an Employee," a year-long examination of the full range of considerations that employers face at each stage of employee development, and how new legal regulations affect best practices from hiring to termination.




Recruitment and Talent Acquisition



Topics: job descriptions, compensation surveys, internet sourcing/recruiters, posting and job requisitions, resume screens


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Assessment | Selection | Onboarding



Topics: Screening tools, initial testing and background checks; Orientation documents – the I-9 form, E-Verify and other e-forms/data; Arbitration agreements and restrictive covenants, including EDR/ADR programs; Employee handbooks and policies, including protecting company intellectual property; Provision of SPDs and the execution of beneficiary designation forms


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Training and Development



Topics: Orientation and recurrent training- handbook and other policies; Recent developments regarding social media-use policies and to her Section 7 issues; Management training; Employee access to training opportunities; Employee Promotions


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Performance Management



Topics: How to protect your significant employee investment by harnessing tools such as regular and ad hoc evaluations, employee goal setting and disciplinary measures. Discussion of new management tools available to raise the bar for performance by your 21st century workforce.


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Topics: Managing performance and attendance related terminations; Can you terminate whistleblowers; Exit Interviews; Protecting intellectual property and confidential information; Reductions-in-force and other separation agreements; Post-decision considerations and communications



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