Polsinelli Webinar Series: Life Cycle of an Employee Polsinelli Webinar Series

In a five-part webinar series, we follow Ruby R. Breaker, a fictitious employee whose workplace behavior is based on real life employment situations. Over the course of 2016, we will follow Ruby throughout a period in her career during which she will work for various industries, including health care and technology. Ruby will claim to be misclassified, constructively discharged, and sexually harassed. Ruby will present additional challenges to her employers, raising current issues with which all employers can identify. This will be an advanced series which will delve into real life, complex issues with legal analysis and practical solutions.

As Ruby's managers grapple with each challenging situation, Polsinelli's Labor and Employment attorneys, and other firm attorneys from Health Care, Intellectual Property and other industry and practice groups, will analyze the factual and legal key take-aways.




Exempt or Non-Exempt and the DOL Audit? It Really Isn't a Question



Topics: In her first employment opportunity as she re-enters the workforce, Ruby applies to work at a hospital, is hired as a Unit Manager, and is classified as an exempt manager.


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The Terminator. You Won't be Back



Topics: Ruby develops work-related medical issues and asks for ADA/FMLA accommodations. Before these requests can be addressed, Ruby’s supervisors report performance issues and she is terminated. The company soon learns Ruby has retained an attorney, and seeks to enforce an arbitration agreement.


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A Whisper, a Wink, and a 40-Year-Old Aptitude Flunky



Topics: Ruby finds new employment at a bank, but does not indicate on her application materials that she was previously fired. While the bank considers options to address the misrepresentation, Ruby alleges sexual harassment by a supervisor. An internal investigation addresses the matter, but shortly after her 40th birthday Ruby fails an aptitude test, then alleges disparate impact upon older employees.


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The Case of the Disappearing Secrets and an Independent Contractor



Topics: Ruby joins the tech industry, at a company experiencing challenges in recruiting and hiring. She is hired as an independent contractor, but when her employment doesn’t work out she alleges constructive discharge. When she leaves, she takes client lists and other proprietary materials with her.


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Transition and the Fight for Bathroom Equality



Topics: In the conclusion to the Series, Ruby joins a new company and becomes an active union organizer. She then announces she is transitioning to a male; goodbye Ruby, hello Rudy. The employee bathroom becomes a source of tension in the office, with neither Rudy nor his fellow coworkers happy about the impact of Rudy’s transition on the facilities and their assigned use.


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